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Free Lunch

IMG_0973A small but delicious blessing to day–I went to Kudzu Bakery in Myrtle Beach to pick up the free lunch I won on their FB page. After studying the list of luscious sounding sandwiches and eyeing the  cheese and other delightful options, I finally made up my mind. I would have dessert for lunch and I asked if I could have a slice of their fantastic looking coconut cake, a Southern staple. They graciously allowed my choice–health for the soul over healthy lunch today. But once you get a look at the photo you will know why!

Sharing a friend’s success! YUM!

Travel is wonderful not just for what we see but also for who we meet. On our recent tour of Sicily, we met Cat Harper, a fab photographer who loamed me some of her shots of food for my book (the average shot of food in Sferracavallo was mine) Here is an example of Cat’s work–as a photographer and as a cake decorator.
She is fab!!!!!!
Cat Harper has only been professionally decorating cakes for the past 4 years but has been in the party planning business for over 25 years. She was a wedding photographer who became a party planner and then added the cakes to round out the artistic end of the business. Largely self-taught, she has always been that Mom or Aunt who made the cool cakes for the family. Over the last 4 years she has taken a few Master’s Courses but still depends on the caking community and YouTube to help her learn new techniques. Her latest achievement was having this Beatrix Potter cake featured in Cake Central Magazine. The cake features a fondant covered cake with hand molded sugar characters, leaves and vines as well as hand painting techniques that detail out the story of Johnny Townmouse.
Tried to upload her photo from Cake Central Magazine, June 2013 issue, but cannot–am having trouble with my google account–please do look it up –it is fantastic!!!!!!!!!
Be sure to check out her work on her sites!
Cat’s Cakes: http://www.catscakesblog.blogspot.com
The Cherry On Top Events: http://www.thecherryontopevents.blogspot.com
Shutterbug Traveler: http://www.shutterbugtraveler.blogspot.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/thecherryontopevents

Cookie Monster

Today is my day for recipes–but oh my, all I can think about is cookies–we still have loads, my neighbor jsut brought me more and I cannot face making more.

My next project is to make pignoli nut cookies–but not tomorrow. Probably will wait until Valentine’s day to make those.

Tomorrow is my birthday–no cake unless I make one–and I am leaning toward an almond cake this year with a new recipe our neighbor gave me and a special swedish pan–that my aunt gave me.

How can I make a cake with such a backlog of sweets still awaiting munching?

I’ve frozen cookies. I’ve given dozens away. But like the tree that is still not completely down, Christmas is cookies for me and I hate to see them all go.

But tomorrow IS ny birthday so we shall see–a cake may yet make its way “into the mix”, all puns intended.