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Cookie Monster

Today is my day for recipes–but oh my, all I can think about is cookies–we still have loads, my neighbor jsut brought me more and I cannot face making more.

My next project is to make pignoli nut cookies–but not tomorrow. Probably will wait until Valentine’s day to make those.

Tomorrow is my birthday–no cake unless I make one–and I am leaning toward an almond cake this year with a new recipe our neighbor gave me and a special swedish pan–that my aunt gave me.

How can I make a cake with such a backlog of sweets still awaiting munching?

I’ve frozen cookies. I’ve given dozens away. But like the tree that is still not completely down, Christmas is cookies for me and I hate to see them all go.

But tomorrow IS ny birthday so we shall see–a cake may yet make its way “into the mix”, all puns intended.