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The Cholesterol Journal

Well, here I am. Still working on the healthier breakfasts and better eating all -round. Reducing the number of times I eat red meat. Increasing the amount of fish I eat. Increasing the amount of veggies, while decreasing the overall amount of food I ingest and increasing exercise.

Still researching natural cholesterol reduction aides–bergamot, artichoke, bitter orange rind , grapefruit rind, these are all on my list. For further research. Supplements, in my opinion, are not the best way to change the nutrient balance and re-orient the body. Also researching cholesterol as a symptom of other “disease”, in particular thyroid. Looking into that.

Yesterday and today no walks–prep for conference. Today I will be driving to Winston- Salem, Husband staying home. Will practice meditation and hopefully use the gym at the hotel where I’ll be staying as I perform my┬áCivil War show and give seminar on story performance and social studies.