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Gimme a Hug

Gimme a Hug!


So, a new product–yes, to be sure, they sent it to me free to try. But I was very skeptical, The product is a silicone specially shaped array of “huggers” to put directly on to a cut onion, orange, lemon, and even two (one small , one large) made just for avocados.


I have plastic containers for my cut fruit. Some specially made for that fruit.

Onions , even in their container often not only dry out where I cut them, but also allow aromas to fly about my frig.  Not so with the huggers.


My first try was with the lemon. Worked fine. After two days, my half lemon still juicy and good to use. Onion is still in there, but he is not emitting any smells into the rest of the vegetable drawer. Love it! Best of all is the avocado, an item which browns if left out even for a few minutes. I used half of my avocado; put it into the hugger, (with seed still in place).

After an entire day in the frig, my avocado remained perfect!!!! Yes, I should have photographed it all, but I did not. Mea culpa. The included photos in this blog are from the company.  They are extremely easy to clean and while the set of two avocado huggers is 9.99 plus shipping and the set of four other veggie huggers is 14.99, this is cheap in the long run–no twisting in plastic wrap or smelly containers. Best of all, less food waste since these really work.

They were developed through a kickstarter campaign and it is no wonder folks invested. The idea is wonderful! And so is the final product.

The material is food safe; one hundred percent FDA qualified silicon. The product was just introduced at the spring 2014 Chicago Housewares show and hopefully will make it to your specialty stores soon. Right now you need to buy it online at http://www.foodhuggers.com.


So now the question–what do they cost and since I have a free set, am I willing to purchase a set? Yes, to the latter. In fact, I plan to purchase a set of the avocado for our daughter! She lives in an apartment and the ease of storing these flat silicone pieces will appeal to her.


Again check them out on www.foodhuggers.com.  It may be too late to get them to your dad for Father’s Day, but  there is a whole summer of grilling ahead where cut up veggies may require the storing of bits and pieces of vegetable. And do be sure to order a set of the avocado huggers for the avocado lover in the family !