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The Cholesterol Journal

Well, here I am. Still working on the healthier breakfasts and better eating all -round. Reducing the number of times I eat red meat. Increasing the amount of fish I eat. Increasing the amount of veggies, while decreasing the overall amount of food I ingest and increasing exercise.

Still researching natural cholesterol reduction aides–bergamot, artichoke, bitter orange rind , grapefruit rind, these are all on my list. For further research. Supplements, in my opinion, are not the best way to change the nutrient balance and re-orient the body. Also researching cholesterol as a symptom of other “disease”, in particular thyroid. Looking into that.

Yesterday and today no walks–prep for conference. Today I will be driving to Winston- Salem, Husband staying home. Will practice meditation and hopefully use the gym at the hotel where I’ll be staying as I perform my┬áCivil War show and give seminar on story performance and social studies.

Easter Food Traditions

In our house, Easter is for lamb–symbolic and for taste. we all love lamb.

This Sunday Joe will be grilling American lamb (it’s the best!) from a local butcher. I’ll marinate it first in olive oil, wine, and Italian herbs.

Tho the traditional Italian way is to serve it over roasted potatoes, we will do mashed, peas and rosemary, and artichokes–stuffed if I can find nice ones, baked hearts if there are no nice ones.

Dessert will be simple since there are just two of us this year–sfogliatelle from a bakery and fruit.