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Thinking About the Unthinkable-the role of art

A friend and I are dialoguing about war. She is living in a war zone. We are sharing our thoughts on the subject via poetry, one email at a time. An outlet for her and for me. She is living in a war zone, I live in a hurricane zone and just finished with the threat of Andrea, the tropical storm that is now on its way north to harass my daughter. Art is helping us both to deal with our fears and think about our situations in spiritual terms, without the distraction of politics or the physical danger that each presents–more so for her. I keep her in my prayers. The poetry allows me to hold it all in my head without going crazy with worry–to speak my fears aloud, to affirm in writing my trust in God for her life and our safety too.

Poetry, visual arts, performance arts–so important.

OK, so it’s not Wednesday

Food day was yesterday and we were on our way back from Durham, NC where we enjoyed a wonderful dinner at Nana’s on Monday night and a great lunch at the Nasher on Tuesday¬†where we fed our cultural appetites as well with the Matisse exhibit.

Nana’s had a level of food you cannot even buy for home preparation–Joe’s venison and my red snapper were outstanding!

Nasher shared their recipe for quinoa salad with me–olive oil, pepper, salt, dill, red bell pepper and cucumber–of course some water too–they made an excellent curried chicken wrap in spinach wrap using yogurt instead of mayo–I plan to try that too.

Art–Add it to your menu

Of course you put your children’s artwork up. But what about introducing them to the great masters? Even if you don’t live in a city where great art is on display, you can add art to the menu by taking high quality art books out of the library and oouring over them withyoru chld. Buiy postcards of art and put them up in the child’s room. Right alongside the posters and other “kiddie” items.

Art lets us breathe new air. It takes us into new visual worlds and stimulates the mind. The leaps of imaginatio¬† great scientists make are often compared to the leaps of imagination made by an artist. So, give your child a math and science boost–take him or her to an art exhibit today–online, in a book or in real life (best if you can).