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Entering contests and winning is part of the fun of writing–a challenge to hone one’s work to get it out to readers.

I preach this but maybe you don’t know that I practice it as well!

Here is the result of my entry (more than one story can be submitted as one entry) into the Intergeneration Contest I have placed before with them, but this is the best I have done.

Here is the letter:

Hello Joan.


I am happy to inform you that your story, “Red Apron” has been selected for a Cash Prize of $100 for our 2013 Intergeneration Storytelling Contest.

Also, your story “Rings” has been selected for a Certificate of Distinction for our 2013 Intergeneration Storytelling Contest. Way to go!

You can see the announcement on our website at www.intergenerationmonth.org, and on our Facebook page, Intergeneration Month. Also, we will be putting all the winning stories on our website for readers’ enjoyment, but will not disclose addresses, just names and City/State.

 And, on behalf of Intergeneration Foundation, thank you for your wonderful entry, hoping you look for our next Storytelling Contest announcement and join in again.

Cydney Campbell, Executive Director

Intergeneration Foundation