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Today we are going to pick apples! Last night my sister in law made an apple crisp to get us in the mood. Very nice–lots of nuts.

Apples are indeed an almost perfect food.

What variety is your favorite?


Family and Apples

Just back from a break. We drove 1000 miles visiting family in Pittsburgh, Syracuse and DC. We picked up apples in Syracuse, an annual fall event.

When our children were small we actually picked the apples. This time we picked them up in the store at the orchard.

One of my best poems was written about our apple picking adventures in New York. The children loved the apples because they had climbed up ladders into trees to get them. We made pies with them but mostly we ate them out of hand as we do now.

Start a tradition with your family–apples, pumpkins, baking, something you all do together–a tradition for each season, apart from any large religious, national , or other holidays–something that is for you, for your family only.

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