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Look for my Ad!

Did you catch my ad on WOW? Or someplace else? If you purchase a copy of any one of my picture books this month, please tell me where you found out about the book, send me a copy of your receipt and I will enter you into a drawing to win one of the other four (my choice of book) in paper or eform (kindle, bn, other) according to the format you purchased.

email me at: with your receipt!


Hippity -Hop!

Yes, Easter is coming! In addition to celebrating this most holy day in a reverent way,

we also celebrate the joy of the day with special foods and of course,k traditions of chocolate and Easter baskets.

This year I am also celebrating with some author friends–we all have books that feature a scene of Easter. My book , Secrets of the Heart,¬†features a scene in part two where the family that did not emigrate meets with the family that did–in ROME! At Easter! ¬†Tune in on March 24, (for me at 7:00) , earlier and a bit later to catch the others.

Just log onto this facebook page to come to the party, enter the contests, talk with the authors (including me!)




Here is the roster:

for March 24–there will be plenty of party favors and virtual food! Times are Easter Daylight Savings

6:00 pm Tamera Lynn Kraft
6:30 pm Jericha Kingston
7:00 pm Joan Leotta
7:30 pm Darlene Franklin
8:00 pm Wanda Porter
8:30 pm Amber Schamel