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This month I have the pleasure of presenting a new-ish opportunity—New Wave Crime. It’s not really a magazine, but an opportunity to place stories in anthologies. Interviewing the editor, Chantelle Aimée Osman, was a pleasure.  Here is what Chantelle has to say to further illuminate her publication’s guidelines. I, for one, am going to follow her advice to check out the anthology she edited to get a better idea of exactly what she likes in a submission


Joan: Please tell us a bit about the history of your publication and about its goals present day? Particularly, can you define how your publications differs from other short story opportunities out there?

Chantelle: New Wave Crime is an imprint launched in May from Down & Out Books, known for their award-winning anthologies and crime fiction. We’re looking for novels and novellas in crime fiction (mystery, thriller, suspense) featuring  new and unique voices particularly voices and themes representing all aspects and cultures of the modern world, women and diverse voices particularly welcome, and we’re open to submissions now (  Great voices are often overlooked because they don’t fit on every shelf, and marketing needs to be out of the box.

Joan: What are you seeking in general and what especially delights you in a manuscript submission?

Chantelle: As an editor for over ten years, the one thing that I can’t fix is passion, and that’s the number one thing I look for in a manuscript. If you’re writing to a trend, or because you think you can do it better than someone else before you, I can spot it. I want the book that the author had to write, because usually that’s the one I can’t put down. 

Joan: What is an instant turn-off in a submission?

 Chantelle: Not following the rules. And that’s being said by someone who believes rules are made to be broken. In this case, you don’t want to give anyone a reason to say ‘no’ before they’ve even read a page of your work. That means, follow their submission guidelines, address the editor by name, and a query letter that follows the standard format (1st paragraph: title, word count, genre, one-sentence hook, complete? series?; 2nd/3rd paragraphs: synopsis of plot; 3rd paragraph: relevant information about you and what makes you an expert in this subject, if anything) because this is all information I need to know before I take the time to read the work. Second only to that is sending me something that basically follows all the tropes and clichés, I want something new and different.

Joan: What are some of your favorite journals/magazines?

Chantelle: Mystery Tribune, Strand Magazine, Suspense Magazine, Scientific American. 

Joan: How can writers contact you with questions and find out about submission calls?

Chantelle: See the website above.

Joan: Is there anything else you would like to say to writers who are considering submitting to you?

Chantelle: You can check out the latest anthology I edited, Mystery! (also at, and my podcast, Crime Friction, which I co-host with fellow crime writer Jay Stringer.

Thank you, Chantelle Aimée Osman!

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