Berries: A Cookbook Review

This marks the first in what I plan to have as a regular feature–a monthly cookbook review.

Berries: Sweet & Savory Recipes

By Eliza Cross

Retail19.99  Also available at discount on Amazon and for 9.99 as a kindle book

Photography by Stacy Cramp

Hardcover: 128 pages

Publisher: Gibbs Smith (March 7, 2017)

ISBN-13: 978-1423644590


Eliza Cross has written 13 books. Just in time for the berry season, Cross treats us to a new set of recipes and insights into a delightful group of fruits—the berries. This book continues Cross’ tradition  of excellence,  offering an insightful, helpful introduction to berry selection, use, health benefits, and substitution followed by a set of recipes that cover drinks to desserts. Although the book does cover savories, (I would have liked to have seen a few more in this category), it reaches its peak in the sweets—cakes, cookies and a berry celebration of the return of the custard pie to cooking fashion. After all, enhancing the natural sweetness of berries with cream, more sugar and butter—what could be better? The wonderful photos are an enticement to try each and every one of the pictured creations. This book would make a wonderful gift for anyone who loves berries and who wants to expand into savories with fruit.


2 responses to “Berries: A Cookbook Review

  1. Joan, I really enjoyed your impressions of the Berries cookbook. Thank you! I’ve been going back reading some of your previous blog posts, and am a huge fan of your writing. You inspire me, and many others. Thanks again.


  2. Thanks so much, Eliza! Love your cookbooks. Would love to hear what you think of Summer in a Bowl and Rosa and the Red Apron–two books that put children in the kitchen


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