School Visits

I’m booking school visits now for 2017!

Contact me at to book

If you are in Brunswick County, NC one visit is free

I’m a professional presenter and performer as well as a writer and offer several programs for writing
based on sharing my personal book writing experience (and experience as a journalist, poet and playwright) with the students
Imagine That—Writing a Picture book that will be given to someone else to illustrate—thinking about who will
read the book and what it will look like as you write and tracing the steps of how I write
We will discuss concept of beginning, middle and end
Picture Book example—One of my four   Whoosh! Summer in a Bowl, Rosa and the Red Apron or Rosa’s Shell
Activity: Students will be “paired” (in groups) of writers and illustrators. Writers will put down a three or four sentence story or beginning of a story
and the other group will illustrate.
I will have a drawing/coloring activity for the opposite group to do while the others are working on the craft.
Reading my Poetry at Barbee Library
Middle and High School
From Idea to Publication
Using my book of short stories, Simply a Smile, the students will learn how I constructed my short stories(and still do!)
and how I choose a contest or publication to send to—work on following guidelines as well as story
Each student will construct a bookmark story—up to fifty words
we will read some in the class if the class is a regular size
If the class is a small workshop, we will workshop all (up to ten students)
Outside of Brunswick County, I offer reasonable rates—$250 plus travel expenses for two presentations of either middle
or high school and elementary or one each.

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