On the weekend of October 22 , we were too word out from various hurricane related incidents to make the drive to Norton Centre in Danville KY for the October 24 grand opening of EAT! an exhibit that selected my story, “The Magician;s Trick (Pears),” as one of the 11 to have a work of art created for it. Sarah Jane Sanders created a wonderful photo of pears, partially eaten to represent the delightful pears in my story!
The photographer says.”EAT is a collaboration between literary works and photography. This collection was developed by an eagerness to create a body of work that ultimately heightens the senses, occupies the viewer’s attention, and triggers memories and experiences built around food, causing a conversation to begin. Each photograph offers a suggestion in understanding the writer’s tone as well as my own perspective of the piece. In the exhibited literary works, certain signifiers caused a flood of sensations that stimulated my own personal language built around food. This language is the core of each photograph in this collection.”
Here is the link (you only get to see a bit of the photo but I took a photo of the smaller version they sent to me and here it is, below! also a photo of me holidng it–I look tired, but the artwork is great!

One response to “Pears?

  1. Wow! What a great story. I can see why it was selected.

    Happy Thanksgiving.

    Jo Ann


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