Up and Coming

Meeting Waves

This is how I often feel–life is like meeting waves.

The title of this post means, one poem up–one poem up and two poems coming into publication. That is one way to look at things–another is to realize that as a writer I am often like this seagull–meeting waves, watching waves go in and out, having to keep my spirits up when the rejections are coming in–keeping my footing and keeping on with the work when acceptances roll in like gentle waves onto the sands of my email.


Just back from the conference–will post some fun news about the conference tomorrow, but my inbox had some good news I’d like to share-
Thanks to the lovely editors at visual verse- and to the editor of Brick Landing Press, I have one poem up and two coming out in an anthology this month. Takes the edge off of November’s gray skies and reduced hours of sunshine.

My poem, GLOVEMAKER’S COLLECTION FOR ARTISTS, has been accepted by and posted on visualverse.org in response to the November ekphrastic prompt.
Brick Street poetry has accepted two of my poems into a children’s anthology,The Bee’s Grocery and A Handful of Bears
The book will be published by the end of November 2016 with the title Words & Other Wild Things

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