Chapbook Alert!

Only a few days until summer in a bowl..and now more news if food and words

The very talented Elizabeth Maines of Finishing Line Press

Has done a first go for the cover of my chap book 

Languid Lusciousness with Lemon.

To fit better on the cover, we are going with

Languid…with Lemon

I must admit I am extra thrilled because the photo is my work, from one of our trips.. But it was Elizabeths skill that made it workable. Final may differ a bit but oh boy!

The book is available for pre sale now and will be out in January…in time for my birthday!

Thank you to Alice Osborne and Pat Riviere-Seel for reading the poems and writing blurbs for the book and generally encouraging me in poetry…

Many more get kudos in that area too, starting with Sister Anne at Ursuline Academy, on up thru many editors and friends

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