Thoughts this Morning

This morning I woke up thinking of John Keats, one of my Dad’s favorite poets. I recalled that tho I had seen the house where he and Shelly lived in Rome, I had never gone in–want to put that on my list of things still to do in Rome. Got in the car and discovered to day is the day Keats wrote his wonderful Ode to Autumn–and of course, this date itself is also important to me as the date of my parents’ anniversary! Wow–a lot to take in on a rainy Monday. This would have been their 70th had they lived. I wonder if my Dad ever mused on the coincidence of the day and this lovely poem–may parents spent their honeymoon on the Mohawk Trail in New York, appreciating the autumn mists and colors Keats wrote about.

One response to “Thoughts this Morning

  1. I remember your dad with great fondness. And I love your cookies1


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