Dedicating a book to someone requires a lot of thought. It’s like picking a maid of honor for a wedding.

You are sharing the credit for your inspiration (for the book or for keeping you on task to finish the book) with another human being! As with anything in life, these choices often are difficult. So many people are helpful, inspiring!

For my first book, WHOOSH!, it was easy to select a dedication–my parents and my dear family.

For Summer in a Bowl, the dedication choice required only thinking about whether I would include my family, who inspire and support all I do (I am blessed with a wonderful husband and daughter), or simply credit my inspiration, my Aunt Mary.

I chose to keep it simple and keep the focus on my Aunt Mary. Reason? My cousin Diane has been without her Mom, my Aunt for many years. Aunt Mary died of cancer when I was 18 and my cousin, 22

years of age. Relating Aunt Mary’s kindness to me in summers and other times and sharing the recipe for the soup featured in Summer in a Bowl was of great comfort to Diane and she has been rooting for the publication of this book for a long time.

I will soon have pictures to show you from my publisher.

In the next installment, I will show you the real Aunt Mary.











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