Birth of a Book, #2

Well, today I am reporting on the development of the back matter for this book. When a fiction book takes on a real subject, like gardening and or cooking, often “back matter” a section of real information on the topic is included. The back matter in this book is for the parents/teachers who are reading the picture book to a child, so the style of writing is much different.

Since we could go with gardening or a recipe for the back matter int his book, I consulted with my publisher. He chose gardening. So, I turned to research, my own memories and solicited the memories of others (via facebook) about gardening with children.

Just finished editing that section and will send it to the editor when I return the final version of the manuscript this week. My deadline is March 31 but I want to get it in a few days early if I can.

Today I am going to a library in Henderson NC to tell Hispanic stories–none will be about gardening, but you can bet I will study the faces of my young audience to see what resonates with them–as I always do–and apply that to my written work.


(The photo below is of grapes. I don’t have these in my garden, but have picked fruit with my children in pick your own–are there any pick your own grape places near you?
Pick your own is another great option if you cannot have a garden.









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