Keep Trying!

IMG_0225Well, today I just learned that I was short-listed–made it to the top few, in a poetry contest. Sigh. Someone else took home the honors (a very talented young woman!) but this is closer than my last attempt at a large contest. When I started, I was simply not anywhere ont eh list, A few weeks ago my chapbook made it to Honorable Mention and an old  friend from the DC area got first place (so happy for her!).

They used to joke about it being an “honor to simply be nominated” but truthfully, in the world, at least to me, it IS an honor.  I live in an area where there are few ops for reading and critique of my poetry, so I try to find ways to challenge myself and I just keep sending things out! Every time something succeeds, even a little bit, it encourages me to go on, sharing my vision, hope and encouragement for others.


Maybe, I will win a larger award some day–but for now, at least my poems are being read! Here is a photo from my reading in Winston Salem (required an overnight!) where my poem, Jay Feather Day was put on a poster and put up on Trade Street for all the world to read!

So, keep trying! Today I sent out one new poem to Tupelo Press 3030 as a draft to encourage people to donate to the Press, and am preparing another chapbook to send out.

Maybe I will get another rejection, but at least my work is gaining an audience!



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