Review- The Summer’s End by Mary Alice Monroe

Book Review

By Joan Leotta

The Summer’s End by Mary Alice Monroe

Pub date May 19, 2015

Gallery Books

Retail, $16

If you are searching for a great beach read—friendship, family, a touch of ecology and romance—well, then, this is the book for you. If you have read books one and two in the Low Country Summer Trilogy, you are already invested in the three young women spending the summer with their Mawmaw in her wonderful house, Sea Breeze, on Sullivan’s Island just outside of Charleston.

The three granddaughters each arrived at the house beginning of the summer(in the first book of the series)with more than standard issue suitcases. The baggage from their lives lived away from the paradise of summer with Mawmaw. The girls (now women) are half sisters, children of Mawmaw’s son and three different women. The differences and similarities that could have made them steallar friends, have instead, over the years, drawn them apart,. Mawmaw and her house are their only common touchstone.

If you haven’t read the series to this point, you can just jump in and the “water” will be as fine as warm ocean tides around the Island. Dip your toes into the story’s waves as they glide up to the beach in the first few pages of the book to catch you up on Mawmaw’s plan to let “her girls” find themselves and renew the kind of strong friendship sisters should have. Let her slowly immerse you in the magic of the relationship all of them have with a dolphin, and the budding romances that will, we hope be the right ones for the girls, enabling them to sparkle in freedom and still enjoy the closeness of true love.

Mawmaw’s plan to sell the old house and move into senior living is part of the new intrigue of this particular novel. Mentioned before, but comes to the front of this volume).Without giving away any of the delightful particulars of this book, let me say that Monroe manages to tie up the parts of the book that should be tied and leave us just enough room to imagine her characters pushing off into a happy life after the book’s sunset.

Indeed the book is called, “The Summer’s End”, in deference to its role in tying up the series. I was particularly pleased with the way the author handled Dora (oldest sister’s) autistic son Nate

One bit of warning—keep tissues by your side as you read this book.

This one should be the first one into your beach bag. Your only regret will be that there on more to come in this series.

If you want to meet Mary Alice Monroe, check out Litchfield books.

Mary Alice Monroe

Author of “The Summer’s End”

Date: May 22, 2015


Luncheon at 11:00 AM at Pawleys Plantation – 70 Tanglewood Dr, Pawleys Island, SC 29585

Book Signing at 2pm at Litchfield Books

ISBN – 9781476709024


Phone   237 8138 to reserve a place and find out the cost of the luncheon. There is no cost to attend the book signing, tho it is customary to purchase a copy of the featured book for the author to sign.

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