Just goes to show, nothing ventured, nothing gained. Instead of doing puzzles, I search for markets for my work and fiddle with my poetry to relax.

This week I got two acceptance notices–from Tigershark for Shenandoah, Daughter of the starts, a poem retelling the legend of the founding of the valley, (written in honor of our son, who loved the valley)

and today an acceptance from Jellyfish whispers, an online magazine for my poem, summer storm at the grand canyon, a poem that has been bouncing around since 1990, never quite right until now

and today I am inking a contract with Cane Hollow Press for a collection of my short stories, varied genres, more OHenry than Joyce or F. O’Connor, but a book I hope will bring smiles to all who read it.

Title: Simply a Smile

I feel very blessed, but of course, I was blessed before. And every rejection was a blessing as well.

–tho those don’t feel as good!

One response to “Trifecta

  1. What a great day!! Happy for y0u


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