Good Friday

Today is a day to think. What would you give your life to do? What is your goal? Salvation for all of us was the goal of Christ.
My goals are so much smaller. Yet, my ultimate goal, the one I lose sight of When working, I admit, is to glorify God with my work.
The steps to that, my sub goals so to speak, are to do that by encouraging, entertaining, and edifying others with my work.
Reviewing work today , thinking about what I do in that light. Raising my thoughts above the busywork of word counts, deadlines and plot lines. Where to market? Is my poem in the tight form?
After all today, Christ died so I might live. How I live, that is what I must work out now.
Blessings to all of you, and happy Easter…the day He proved the truth of promised salvation by rising from the dead .

One response to “Good Friday

  1. Happy Easter to you and Joe went to church could not get a parking place, God knows I tried. Wish you a blessed day and thank you for all the nice words you say in your posts, I love you guys


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