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Looking Ahead

So, now I have two chores–posting the pix of the Mamool cookeis I made a couple of weeks ago and telling you all about it

and posting the links to the last three cookbook reviews I did. I am turning in an article today on a great new web subscription service that provides recipes and grocery lists and human contact (via email).

Eating as Poetry

Around the Oak Table, a poem I wrote about the joys of eating dinner together as a family has been accepted by Fragrance Poetry Magazine!!]

So, Monday is here (again!)

How do you view the start of a new week? Is it a fresh start, a possible new week of blessings?

Or is it time to drag yourself off to work?
How you view Monday will make a big difference to the way your children view Mondays.

Think about it a moment. You have the power to shift their thinking toward looking at Mondays as a wonderful day.

Use that power. Be thankful, excited, happy about the start of a new week. Give them a chance to make all of those jokes about Mondays obsolete or at least irrelevant in your family.

Ahoy, Matey! Pirates!!

Pirates are not fun. I know that there are fellow storytellers who make a part of their living telling tales of pirates that make them sound like swashbuckling almost or anti heroes. Who doesn’t love Captain Blood, the dashing story about a physician turned pirate–Erol Flynn, fave.

But in reality, pirates are thieves. Dangerous on the high seas and often violent. On the internet they are thieves as well,. If you are a writer with books on the e-platform you may have encountered them. I found both of my already-released ebooks on this site and am in the process of sending a cease and desist letter, asking them to remove my book from their site.

Here is the link to see if your books are there:

If you want the link to a form letter for the cease and desist, contact me through the message section of my professional FB page

Like, the page and then message me so the message will go through.

Sorry to be one day late from my Friday publication day, but yesterday was my birthday, so I took some time off!

Breakfast of Champions

Every champion has to have a good coach. I have a great coach–Coach’s Oats. They have a nutty flavor and are easy to make in the microwave. I love that you can use water instead of milk and still have a rich flavor. I have a sweet tooth so I usually add a spoonful of honey to the oats when they come our of the microwave. These oats stand up to the polar vortex and are great on warm days as well. Good for avoiding snacks since they fill you up!

All the better to hold out until actual mealtime comes around again.



Did your children hear hoof eats from camels or horses today? If hey did, it was the three kings bringing gifts. What holiday customs do you add to the all American Christmas traditions? The true meaning of Christmas is number one with us, but we love extending the fun as well.
Also, singing we three kings is quite a statement of faith!

Why blogs are good!

Well, from now on I have to be more careful about recording all information about me here on the blog and on my Facebook page. The very lovely review my friend Linda Goodman did of Letters from Korea has disappeared from Amazon!

When I went to find it in my email, it was gone. Here is the link to a review of that book by another friend, fellow romance writer

Writers Forever  

Dec 4, 2013 Review: “Letters From Korea, Legacy of Honor Series, Volume 2,” Joan Joan Leotta has taken the ordinary act of letter writing and made the 

omance writer, JoAnn Matthews


Happy New Year!

Blogs for 2014 will begin on January 6