Ahoy, Matey! Pirates!!

Pirates are not fun. I know that there are fellow storytellers who make a part of their living telling tales of pirates that make them sound like swashbuckling almost or anti heroes. Who doesn’t love Captain Blood, the dashing story about a physician turned pirate–Erol Flynn, fave.

But in reality, pirates are thieves. Dangerous on the high seas and often violent. On the internet they are thieves as well,. If you are a writer with books on the e-platform you may have encountered them. I found both of my already-released ebooks on this site and am in the process of sending a cease and desist letter, asking them to remove my book from their site.

Here is the link to see if your books are there:http://www.general-ebooks.com/

If you want the link to a form letter for the cease and desist, contact me through the message section of my professional FB page


Like, the page and then message me so the message will go through.

Sorry to be one day late from my Friday publication day, but yesterday was my birthday, so I took some time off!


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