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Happy St. Nicholas Day

I took the day off. One word about writers tho, even when we are wrapping presents, looking at the ocean,nesting lunch with friends, story ideas dance like sugarplums in our heads. That is what journals are for–to write them down.

Honey, I love you!!!

At the Taste of Home in Myrtle Beach on Nov 23, one of the vendors had local honey!!!!!

The booth was Senior Helpers. (843-979-3273).

Naturally, I bought some. Used it this morning on my oatmeal. YUM!!!

If you live in the area, you might want to try. The beekeeper does not sell single source honey. He blends the honey from Georgetown and Horry Counties to achieve a light and lovely all natural product, that is consistent, one jar to the next, tho I cannot judge that since I only have one jar.

Proceeds from the sale of the honey helped support local efforts to aid Alzheimer sufferers, making the purchase extra sweet!

Brag or PR

We teach our children not to brag, yet we want to draw audience for our work–what is the line between bragging and simple PR, getting the word out so you will get more readers and people will bring you before their live audiences. Talk about this with your children. See what they say.

Meanwhile, parents, please check out a poem of mine recently published on the site and the blurb I am posting on FB.

A poem of mine has been published by When Women Waken.
You can find out more about my work at and Joan Leotta Author and Story Performer Here is the link.

Last week Taste of Home


My article appeared in Last Sunday’s Sun News, but the online version was delayed. Thought all of you out there might like to see it.

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