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Audience Reaction!

The performing side of me receives instant feedback, even hugs, after a performance. Writers are seldom so rewarded. at least not simple writers of journalistic works, lower level fiction and poetry writers–ones without a large following. So, when a fan writes, that’s big stuff to me!  Especially to let me know that my words have encouraged them.

Usually I tell adapted folklore and perform one woman shows scripted from diaries and other material from women in history. I rarely share personal stories on stage. Same with my writing–usually, non-fiction or fiction in mystery or romance genres, even my poetry wraps personal experience in metaphor. Only a few real-life stories are ever shared beyond the confines of my dinner table. However, a real experience of mine, crafted as an essay was recently accepted by Chicken soup–a book that recently came out. And voila! So excited! Chicken Soup for the Soul gave out my story , Saying Good-by in their newsletter yesterday! My story is in Chicken Soup for the Soul: Miraculous Messages from Heaven: 101 Stories of Eternal Love, Powerful Connections, and Divine Signs from Beyond.
Because it went out to their large list, I received fan mail from some lovely people who bothered to look me up on the internet!
So pleased to know my sharing a true story from my own life affected people positively. Perhaps I will start telling more real stories in my performances. And in my writing! reactions were from far and wide, from Saudi Arabia to small town USA.

Not really done

So, I turned in my draft and it seems I have a major formatting issue which will take me several days to correct.


Thank you, President Clinton

So, trying to eat less meat, less diary (for the cholesterol) last night I made a quinoa main dish, semi-spicy and side dish of a snow pea salad, both according to recipes purported to be Clinton faves now that he eschews (pun intended) meat and dairy for a Vegan lifestyle.

The snow pea salad was great. I had a problem, tho, Bean sprouts were available only in a large bag–not a practical choice this week for us so I skipped them and added radish for the additional crunch and color the sprouts would have given us. I was leary of the jalapeno in the quinoa with the other ingredients so I left it out and served with Tabasco. Joe added it; he liked it . I didn’t and I liked it that way. I did add kalamata olives to the mix.

So, Bill, while I did it my way, I still thank you for the basics.

Tho I’ve been really watching amounts, not eating much meat, and getting a lot more exercise, I don’t seem to be loosing any weight. asked the doctor to add a thyroid test to my bloodwork in December. Sigh




Working on something to tell others, college students, for a seminar at my undergrad alma mater, Ohio University.

These are kids who are ultra talented and who will likely achieve much in this world. What can I, a simple writer and story performer, not famous, not a “big name” in my field(s) that will encourage them and give them a good start in their careers and in life in general.

One of the things I want to tell them is to stick to their principles, their values. Flexibility comes by respecting the lives and values of others even when there is disagreement. Respect is how we learn to live in a world of differences, loving people of all types. In terms of my own faith, it is simply following the directives of Jesus to love God first and others as ourselves. Learning to love and respect one’s self and values is part of growing up, but we must not neglect the part where they learn from and appreciate the lives and values of others.

Thank you, Bev!

Bev Filer decided to make me the featured person in her “Kindred Spirit” blog for our local living area.

Check it out!

Oct 24, 2013 Joan and Joe Leotta had their house built in Edenton in Brunswick Plantation    Joan invites you to check out her