My Father, WWII Vet

If my Dad had lived, he would have been 103 this year. He became a citizen at age 21, having arrived in this country at age 11 with his parents. He was 33 when as an unmarried man he was drafted in 1943. He left his business, had to sell it as a loss, and went to serve his adopted country. Her served in the Pacific and rarely said anything about his service. Once he said he had helped liberate a hospital formerly held by the Japanese and that what he saw was awful. Yet, years later he was able to say we cannot hold the people responsible for what is done in war. He would have loved the story Unbroken and its theme of forgiving enemies. He would have enjoyed meeting my Japanese friends, who I met through helping at an ESL class.

Today is a time when we remember those who fought for freedom. Let’s also remember that war is awful and we all have a need to heal the wounds war leaves.

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