Thank you, President Clinton

So, trying to eat less meat, less diary (for the cholesterol) last night I made a quinoa main dish, semi-spicy and side dish of a snow pea salad, both according to recipes purported to be Clinton faves now that he eschews (pun intended) meat and dairy for a Vegan lifestyle.

The snow pea salad was great. I had a problem, tho, Bean sprouts were available only in a large bag–not a practical choice this week for us so I skipped them and added radish for the additional crunch and color the sprouts would have given us. I was leary of the jalapeno in the quinoa with the other ingredients so I left it out and served with Tabasco. Joe added it; he liked it . I didn’t and I liked it that way. I did add kalamata olives to the mix.

So, Bill, while I did it my way, I still thank you for the basics.

Tho I’ve been really watching amounts, not eating much meat, and getting a lot more exercise, I don’t seem to be loosing any weight. asked the doctor to add a thyroid test to my bloodwork in December. Sigh



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