Working on something to tell others, college students, for a seminar at my undergrad alma mater, Ohio University.

These are kids who are ultra talented and who will likely achieve much in this world. What can I, a simple writer and story performer, not famous, not a “big name” in my field(s) that will encourage them and give them a good start in their careers and in life in general.

One of the things I want to tell them is to stick to their principles, their values. Flexibility comes by respecting the lives and values of others even when there is disagreement. Respect is how we learn to live in a world of differences, loving people of all types. In terms of my own faith, it is simply following the directives of Jesus to love God first and others as ourselves. Learning to love and respect one’s self and values is part of growing up, but we must not neglect the part where they learn from and appreciate the lives and values of others.

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