Monthly Archives: September 2013

Eating Out

We are eating out almost every night this week. Even though I eat about half of what is served to me and try to order healthy options, this is rough. American restaurants simply serve portions that are too large!

A taste would be better. Breakfast and lunch we eat in and I am keeping it simple, but I do need to eat something. Eating only one large meal a day is not healthy either–I am not a reptile. Tonight I will probably order from the appetizer menu–only.

Stay tuned.


So, from now on , every Tuesday will be devoted to my fight against cholesterol. Very very high levels . Doctor is giving me three months to bring it down before he prescribes statins. I don’t want to take statins so I am working hard to bring the levels down and to find the underlying cause of my high cholesterol. Possibly thyroid? Looking, looking, looking. No real answers yet but I am searching–comments welcome.

Had a yoga session here in Hilton Head  and the yogi mentioned the health benefits of meditation–another tool in the box to bring down levels without drugs=—other research confirmed her words. More to come

Out of Season

The photo on this blog was taken this time of year at Hilton Head–after labor Day, after the season ends. Now the place has old folks like ourselves, and people with pre-schoolers–and of course a few who homeschool.

I am particularly drawn to those who are introducing their little ones to the ocean for the first time. I love to watch how gently  some introduce the reluctant ones–the children who fear what they do not know. If only we could show that love to others who fear the unknown, if only we could be more tolerant of the unknown ourselves, and recall those fears and how perfect love cast them away from us and let us experience the joy of discovery.

Love is never out of season.

Working with a Professional–For Friday

Posting this a day early so it will get the play it deserves. 

When it comes to story performance and writing, I am always hopeful that schools, libraries, civic organizations and others will respect the fact that I have much experience–that I have been and still am a professional in these fields. I hope that because of my knowledge and past record, they will hire me.

So, the same holds true of help with social media. While there is much we can all do ourselves, professional help can put us over the top and get us going in the right direction. Today, I met with Kimberly Duff of the Website Factory in Ocean Isle, NC. She is a social media expert and showed me how to do a few things. She was worth every penny I paid for her time and expertise and is willing to let me call her if I have questions as I try to execute the “moves” online she taught me.

Wed got away again–Bitter and Sweet

I will post later on my topic for this Wednesday, but now I’ll leave a teaser for you–what is bitter and sweet at the same time and good for you too?

Thank you

The nation as a whole seems to have taken up the habit of saying ,”Thank you for your service” to soldiers or those who identify with hats or shirts as vets. A good thing. But what about the people who serve us in so many smaller ways? Fast food? Stores? Smalls shops? Bathroom cleaners on the highway? People at airline check-in counters?

Do we smile and thank them for what they are doing for us or do we regard them as furniture, automated humans there to fulfill our needs. Teach your children to thank them, to realize that people have value no matter what their job. That’s what Labor Day is all about–all honest work is honorable from cleaning toilets to CEOs. If their service is to us or we come across their paths form waitresses to post office and bank employees, simply say “Thank you.” Your example will teach your children the same. More than you realize.