Eating Oats–Yes, not neeiiiiighhhhhhh

So, with the high cholesterol rating I received I am trying to shift to a more healthy lifestyle pattern. Changing to a more oatmeal intensive breakfast is pretty easy to do. I eat Cheerios and mix it with some other cereals, like honey oat cheerios and sometimes Kashi cinnamon harvest. Cinnamon is always a good additive to any carb breakfast because it helps the sugars in the carbs digest less harmfully.

(a shortcut way to talk about what cinnamon does with sugars)

My fave thing is Coach’s Oats–only problem, I have to order them from California because I don’t think my local Costco is handling them anymore.  These are steel cut oats that are cut again–very nice flavor, easy to cook, with water, in the microwave. I use a large pot with vented lid to prevent them from going over–oats bubble a lot in microwave cooking.

And no, I don’t feel like a horse–in fact, I’m hoping to lower my weight and that lowering my weight will have its own good effect on my cholesterol–count this as the Thursday cholesterol report too

One response to “Eating Oats–Yes, not neeiiiiighhhhhhh


    Sounds good to me!! Amy


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