A Week of Eating Out

We were in Hilton Head last week and ate out almost every night. Yes, we did have a full kitchen in our condo, but there are so many great places on HIlton Head!

Started out with One Hot Mama–BBQ at its finest. Delicate, delectable pulled pork plate for me and pulled pork taco (A-mazing) for Joe and excellent beef brisket. Monday night’s dinner was a comedy of errors, each one trying to pelase the other in our group of four so I ended up not getting my sunset shots and we ate in a place no one wanted to eat.; Mediocre.

Tuesday–Black Marlin- tuna sashimi with seaweed for me and lobster tacos (could have used more lobster) for the others.

Wednesday–The Jazz Corner–live music and great food. I had the appetizer platter and watermelon arugula salad. Wonderful!l And the live music was just as good.

Thursday—Ombra, terrific Italian food ,l had grouper over tomatoes and garlic and a beet salad that was so thinly sliced, you could see through the slices .Wonderful food by the man who used to be chef at Michael Anthony’s and now has his own place. Fab!!!!!!

Friday we went to Dafuskie for the day and picked up takeout from Publix grocery. Saturday we caught local wild caught shrimp and I made linguini with tomato shrimp sauce–also very good.

Every morning we walked to Java Joe’s for a chai spice latte and I avoided the luscious muffins due to my high cholesterol rating.



One response to “A Week of Eating Out

  1. I heard that sometimes high cholesterol is merely passedon through the genes. Good Luck.


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