How to Create in Writing–Hearing lessons we need

Holly Lisle is a writing teacher I found online. She has wonderful Ideas. I recently received an email from her listing four things to consider when writing. I’m sharing these with you, but advise that for full effect, impact and help for your own writing you visit her website, the how to think sideways writing courses.
This is some advice I got in her free emails–Keep these questions from Holly Lisle in
   * What am I writing?
Whatever it is, keep
your focus on THAT story, and don’t wander
off your theme.
   * Why am I writing it?
The big answer here MUST be “because it matters to me,” but
beyond that, WHY does it matter to you?  Knowing the answer to
this will help you keep writing even when the going gets
   * What effect do I want to create?
This will change from scene to scene.  What emotion do you want
to evoke in your reader in THIS scene.  You have to
first evoke it in yourself.
 * How do I intend to create this effect?
This is the art part of writing.  What structure will you
use,what sorts of words will evoke the emotions you’re working
toward, what will you show about your characters, and what
will you hide?

Writing can be  a lot like acting, like story performance on stage. When I teach storytelling, this is almost the same thing I tell my students–good to recall that I need it too–It’s important in life to always be a student.


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