King of Cheese

We are southern Italian in origin. My husband’s family is form Sicily and mine is from Abruzzo (my dad) and Naples/Salerno and Calabria (my mom’s side). What does  that have to do with parmiggiano reggiano, the king of cheese? It means we do not really us it that often. We prefer pecorino romano,  as the go-to grated cheese for topping pasta, using in recipes, etc.

This quote from Italian Days Food Experience FB (out of Bologna Italy, in the North) page has an important point about food in Italian life–it all owes its greatness to the intersection of human input with the basic elements. This perfect pairing of the human element with all elements around it is what makes Italy great, Italian food so superb, and Italian art (drama, poetry, writing, visual arts, music) so terrific.

Parmigiano Reggiano is the King of Italian cheese, produced since the 1200. Parmigiano Reggiano is part of the history, tradition and hard work of the people who create it. What makes Parmigiano Reggiano special is the all important human factor. This cheese owes its unique qualities to the co-operation between the milk producer and the cheese maker, who transforms the milk into the cheese and looks after the maturing process. BUY IT NOW!



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  1. We love all the cheeses!


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