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Sharing a friend’s success! YUM!

Travel is wonderful not just for what we see but also for who we meet. On our recent tour of Sicily, we met Cat Harper, a fab photographer who loamed me some of her shots of food for my book (the average shot of food in Sferracavallo was mine) Here is an example of Cat’s work–as a photographer and as a cake decorator.
She is fab!!!!!!
Cat Harper has only been professionally decorating cakes for the past 4 years but has been in the party planning business for over 25 years. She was a wedding photographer who became a party planner and then added the cakes to round out the artistic end of the business. Largely self-taught, she has always been that Mom or Aunt who made the cool cakes for the family. Over the last 4 years she has taken a few Master’s Courses but still depends on the caking community and YouTube to help her learn new techniques. Her latest achievement was having this Beatrix Potter cake featured in Cake Central Magazine. The cake features a fondant covered cake with hand molded sugar characters, leaves and vines as well as hand painting techniques that detail out the story of Johnny Townmouse.
Tried to upload her photo from Cake Central Magazine, June 2013 issue, but cannot–am having trouble with my google account–please do look it up –it is fantastic!!!!!!!!!
Be sure to check out her work on her sites!
Cat’s Cakes:
The Cherry On Top Events:
Shutterbug Traveler:

A Gift for Your Child

We give our children many gift. Today I’d like to thank my mother for a gift she gave me.


I was bemoaning my lack of prowess in sports when she reminded me that I had other talents. She added the cautionary note, “There will always be those who are better than you and some who are not as  competent–in whatever you do. Be happy with where you are. Be glad for your friends when they succeed at something. It’s a gift to them. Everyone needs cheers. So, instead of comparing myself to others I can be happy for others. Give your child this gift. Contentment does not squash the desire to succeed or the desire for excellence. It does not give licenses to be satisfied with mediocrity. I strive to improve, set higher and higher goals for myself always. But at the same time I am free to be happy for my friends whey they get awards, publication credits, just good things in normal life–their joy adds to mine. A life with more joy. Isn’t that what we want? Thank you, Mom, for your gift. I hope it is one I passed on.

Thinking About the Unthinkable-the role of art

A friend and I are dialoguing about war. She is living in a war zone. We are sharing our thoughts on the subject via poetry, one email at a time. An outlet for her and for me. She is living in a war zone, I live in a hurricane zone and just finished with the threat of Andrea, the tropical storm that is now on its way north to harass my daughter. Art is helping us both to deal with our fears and think about our situations in spiritual terms, without the distraction of politics or the physical danger that each presents–more so for her. I keep her in my prayers. The poetry allows me to hold it all in my head without going crazy with worry–to speak my fears aloud, to affirm in writing my trust in God for her life and our safety too.

Poetry, visual arts, performance arts–so important.

Amazing Meals

So, last Wednesday I told you about spacatelli and Cin Cin.

Today I’d like to note the joys of Il Delfino’s fish supper—12 fish courses and then dessert–a wonderful sardine appetizer, I don’t even know what to call it, and a super plate of octopus salad and of course spaghetti alle vongole–wonderful little clams–

sferracavallo sicily

sferracavallo sicily

never tasted any like them

Take a look at this photo

Letters from Korea

Book is coming out in July! If you have a YA reader who would like to learn more about life in the early fifties in US and some info about the war, check out this book–also a romance–Does Sal love Gina as a little sister or romantically? Is the girl he meets in Korea a rival to Gina?


Sharing some success

Excitement–I’m a runner up in Thynks competition for poems on angels–British publication. One first prize winner and then a list of runners up–I’m about six down in a longish list so, not so bad!

  1st PRIZE – Silhouette in Sandstone by David Paterson,
… Runners-Up: No Limit to What You Can Do! by Arthur Carr, Insomnia Of An Angel by Chris Botragyi, An Assembly of Angels by Diana Brodie, Nomadic Village by Diane E Cockburn, Intuition by Dominic Munton, Ubi aves ibi angeli by Gillian Rathbone, Unfit for purpose: the frustration of a soul by Helen Laycock, Great East Window, Gloucester Cathedral by Janice Fox, Voices in the fog by Joan Leotta, Saint Egg’s Holy Day Revival by John Gallas, October 2012 – for Dora by John Taylor, Waiting for the whale… by John Taylor, Nailing Things to Snow by Jon Plunkett, Angel’s Songs by June Drake, Silver Harps by L A Wilcox, A Murmur of Souls by Leland James,Into the Mist by Leland James, Gifts by Mary Chapman, Amazing Maizie by Mike Johnson,Superstringzing by Mike Johnson, Fusion by Naomi Richardson, Angel Baby by Nichola Feltham, Missed Carriage by Nichola Feltham, They Came by Pamela Harvey, Angels by Panayiotis Vyras,  My God Waits For Me by Rose Servitova, Surrender by Rose Servitova, Awakening by Rosemary Graham, Spirits by Siobhan Bicker, Look Left by Susan Wickham, The White Feather by Wendy Hall, It’s Good to Love by Yvonne Green, Sisters by Yvonne Green, There Should be a Song by Yvonne Green, Song by Zuhre Aziz