Sweet Potato Pie


My friend Johanna Wilson sent me a gift basket of Glory Foods to try and I still have one more to try!

A few weeks ago, I tried the canned sweet potatoes to make sweet potato pie and took it to our Church Dinner –lots of native North and South Carolinians there to see how well I did. Most of them are familiar with Glory foods. Those south of the Carolina border–and farther south were appalled that I found the canned product sweet enough and so used regular evaporated milk instead of sweetened condensed milk,, and that I only added a bit of cinnamon and 1 T of molasses to the mix –Those of us from North Carolina and Virginia and farther north found the less sweet version plenty sweet enough–

The product itself, the canned sweet potato, was a pleasure to use. Had a lovely whipped texture right out of the can and a delightful cinnamon aroma. Would I buy it and use it again–a resounding yes!  But, sorry folks at Glory recipes, my family likes the less sweet adaptations I make.

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