Music to My Ears

Actually, spoken word! Several storytellers of great repute and talent that exceeds their reputation have banded together to form a CD label for spoken word under the aegis of the CD company that produced their CDs. This is a wonderful occurrence! Not only does it promote their work (which deserves promotion) but it elevates the craft of story performance to a higher plane. Now we have a company that is interested in our art, that really wants us–well, not all of us. But we have recognition. So, if you see the RoadCandy label, know that it represents, not rock music, not candy, but story performance of the highest quality!

Here is the note I received from Linda Goodman:Road Candy Records has finally launched,
featuring storytellers Bil Lepp, Andy Offutt Irwin, Pete Griffin, Kaye Byrnes,
Anthony Burcher, Linda Goodman, Carrie Sue Ayvar, and Kim Weitkamp. Want to know
more? Go to


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