Encore is a repeat, usually in the theater and usually of something we enjoy. Revisions are a repeat read of something we’ve written and the work is not always pleasant–often because it is hard work to polish somethign we’ve written over and over again.

Reading an article today on how to repair wood floor scratches with household items, it occured to me that we writers need to “think out of the box” to do our own revisions.

Here are some “household hints” for repairing our own manuscripts.

1. The age old remedy that works–let it sit. Come back to it in a few days.

2. Aother age old–read it out loud.

3. Search and destroy. I do a search for ly words, for seem, that, and and but to be sure those are not overworked.

4. Let a friend take a look–can;t use this one too often, but it is a great substitute for suggestins one and two when you have a deadline crunch

5. Try out the manuscript on your review group–ah, you don;t have a group? Form one!

6, Take a walk. A bit of exercise while doing your revision will refresh your mind.

7. Consider it all joy, think of the revision as an encore performance–think of the revision as a puzzle to solve , how to make the project more reader accessible, not a chore. Your mental attitude toward making the changes will result in a

better finished product..


One response to “Encore!

  1. Great advice! My latest manuscript needs help.


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