Glory, Glory, Yummy Glory

When a friend of mine moved from food writing to food publicity, she took on Glory Foods as a client. I had seen their products, mostly on the canned food shelves of my local supermarkets, but had not tried them. Glory products are processed in the South and they aim to reproduce the flavors of Grandma’s southern ktichen.

She offered to send me a sample basket of their canned items and some of their condiments and other products. I accepted–so, please be advised that the products I am reviewing were provided free by Glory Foods.

Today I’m reviewing Glory’s canned fried apples (15 oz size) and their corn bread mix (small box, 7.5 oz) . I adapted their recipe for fried apple cobbler (on the can). Both products and the cobbler were great–tho I did cut out all the sugar in the cobbler!

Fried Apples–sounds fatty, but not so much. More like an apple pie filling. Nice texture to the apples, firm, but soft enough to eat with a spoon. Product is spiced nicely with a bit of cinnamon and sugar and would be great as a side dish on its own, I think.

I would also buy it again to use it with sauteed onions as a savory/sweet topping for baked or pan-fried prok chops.

The corn bread mix was definitely the equal of any other small box mix I’ve tired. And the measured amount works perfectly in an 8 by 8 square pan.

Fried apple cobbler–you need two cans of the fried apples and one box of the mix. I believe the recipe calls for using the muffins, but the 7.5 ounce box of the cornbread mix worked just as well. I followed the directions on the spices, but I elminated the sugar entirely! The apples are sweet enough! Definitely use a glass pan as directed–reaction of the apples with a metal pan could affect the taste. Believe me it does taste great! Without the added sugar, it was perfect for us.

Will I use these products again? Most likely!

Tune in for reviews of some of their other products, There was more in my basket–

One more thing–do read the labels on their products. Some have msg, and some contain artificial smoke flavor. I’m allergic to both and that cut down on the number of items I could review.



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