Somehow yesterday got away from me without a blog, Was going to post my husband’s fab recipe for pasta with goat cheese and zucchini, but you will have to wait for that.

Instead, a bit on timing–getting the meal out all at once, with each dish at the correct temp is often difficult for beginning chefs or even experienced ones working with a new recipe or appliance. Planning is the key–look at the work required for each recipe. Get your ingredients out for all recipes and the cooking and serving dishes. Then you can move through the steps for each recipe with the grace and fluidity of a dance, working the stpes for each dish in the order that is logical for presentation of all, at same time, at the table.


Appetizers–separate prep. Take cheeses out (whether as dessert or app, early in afternoon of dinner party to bring to room temp) Set on serve plate.

Make cold apps and salads ahead. Do not dress salad until just before serving but mix your dressing ahead.

Read all the steps in all the articles. Be sure you have all ingredients.

Plan it out

Do it.

Good luck

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