Monthly Archives: February 2013

Monday Morning

My to do list is sooooo long. After prayer, what comes first? Have to be sure not to igmore needs of husband or child when delving into the long list of work things to do–some of which I ignored over the weekend.  Don’t let work guild be a tsunami that drowns relationships. Continue reading


Come to the Chapin Museum for Chinese New Year stories. Have a new group of tales  to tell this year–interactive, lots of fun. Year of the snake!

My performance is at noon, Sat Feb 9

If you are in Myrtle Beach, it’s free and there are lots of other activities too.

Catching UP

Not able to write yesterday becuase I had a migraine–probably induced by somethign I had for lunch at a restaurant on Monday–where they assured me that they had no msg in anything and did not use a chemical spray to keep their greens in shape.

Sigh! I’m sure they meant well, but since the headache caused me to miss out on dinner with out of town guests the next day and to lose a day of work, I think when I am suspicious, from now on I will simply order tea when out for lunch and tip generously to make sure the waitress is not cheated by my meagre order. (tip as if I had ordered a ten dollar lunch). I may take a chance if I have nothing to do the next day, but will not do so if I have something important to do. 

Who won?

Well, of course we all know the Baltimore Ravens won the game. But the coaches both won something even more important. The Harbaugh(did I spell that right?) brothers showed that sibiling rivalry–I want to do better than my brother–does not mean sibling bitterness. When it was all over, before it started, during the game–never any diminuition of brotherly love.

You can have civil, friendly rivalry–in families, among friends. Love does not envy. Real love, that is.

Sharing the Good News

Was not sure what to post today for writing and performing, especially since I chickened out on sending a collection of my short stories to a contest—you can’t win if you don’t enter.

So, this morning, what did I find in my email? A note that I placed, with Honorable Mention, in Wordsmith Journal’s contest of best stories. This was a contest where people voted for their favorite story. I don’t do a good job of getting the word out about these things so I am especially happy  to have placed at all since I only told a few people about this. Wordsmith is not a paying market, but it paid off by boosting my confidence. So, maybe I will enter that next contest!