Monday November 5

Tomorrow is election day. I had planned to post something about teaching children the value of democracy by voting. Instead, I want to post about my nephew and his wife and children. Am not mentioning their names because I have not asked permission. I will share with you, though, what they are doing.

They are teaching their children about the value other people, and showing love to others through action. They have organized folks in their neighborhood to bring goods to them and they are driving onto Staten Island to help others. Their first effort was with the family of someone they knew. Then they continued the efforts for people in need–whether they knew them personally or not.

The storm may have weakened physical infrastructure up and down the east coast, but at least in one family, the reaction of the family served to strengthen the infrastructure of love that should undergird all activity. What is even better is that I am positive my nephew and his wonderful wife did not do this as a “teachable” moment exercise. They did it out of true love and compassion with no thought for self which of course, makes it all that much more effective in the lives of their children as well as affective in helping those in need.


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