Encouragement from others

We all need encouragement. Yesterday I received a rejection for a story from Boyds Mill Press. It was the story that won the Alabama Writers Conclave. Contests are not the same as publishers.

But at my writers meeting today, even tho I had nothing to read, I was vastly encouraged–by the good work of my friends.

Prolific writer, Jack DeGroot showed us some new PR for her latest romance–“Flash Drive”

Edith Edwards shared the second to last chapter of her fabulous new novel that takes place in the civil war–she also shared a query letter and we wer able to help her shape that so it will attract an agent to her work. Jim Horn read his poems-best ones yet and we were able to help him with preparing the reading for a TV Show he will do tonight.

Rose read her latest essay for Sassy–Don read the latest installment in his book, as did Pam–great reads, good stories. Larry read Henry’s latest effort –a humorous essay on pills. Sandy asked for plot help.

Tom Wolfe read from his non-fiction piece to help military get jobs. It was an encouragement just to hear all of that good work. Now I can come home and work on my own things–a review that is due, my next book for Desert Breeze and some poetry submissions.

Tho this time I did not read, I was able to help my friends. We act as muse to one another. I hope all of you have a writing group that is as wonderful.


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