Loosing track of time

When you have children it is easy to loose track of time, So many little things to keep track of–their assignments, your own schedule, sprots practices, other lessons and more. Today, having none of that naymore, but old age as my excuse, I jsut realized Ihad not posted the Monday creativity post.

Organization can help creativity but do not be too harsh on your little ones or yourself. Things will happen that throw off yoru day. My niece had to hem a pair of pants for her son this morning, throwing off all schedules.

They are only young once. When all seems chaos in yoru world and theirs, remember that creativity does not happen in straight lines (often) and the main element in life to foster creativity is love. So, keep your cool, hem the pants, don’t worry if you are late. Love is the key.

Try to set aside some unstructured time to simply veg with your children. No TV, no internet. Just pens, paper, musical instruments, or the back yard available.

Creativity will grow.


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