Friday Shredding as Editing



When you read your work aloud, the flaws become apparent. Usually. When you read your work aloud in a critique group, where each of the other writers is committed to improving the work of each member, you can be sure that the flaws will be noted. Sometimes positive suggestions are also given. In my case today, the first chapter of my new book had no redeeming features. I used clichés in describing the hero, repeated words and phrases, introduced twenty characters (almost) in three pages and gave such a slow start to any action that it made listeners antsy.

So, tonight, I am shredding that chapter and starting anew. I knew the chapter was not strong. I didn’t recognize that it stunk worse than a piece of dead cheese.

Thank you, friends and fellow writers. I vow to return with a better product! And soon–the deadline is approaching. I just hope that the other fifty pages are not as flawed, but for now I am concentrating on getting this novel off to a good start.


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