Eatng Out

We eat out for two reasons–to socialize and to eat things we cannot make at home.

Last Friday we had a romantic evening out just the two of us (socializing with each other in a differnt setting, counts too–not just with other folks) and ate a wonderful meal at The Brentwood, Eric Masson’s French restaurant in LIttle River, SC, just up from Myrtle Beach.

We both had Eric’s special triggerfirsh in a buerre blanc suace .

Joe had the special appetizer–sachetti with truffles and I held off on an appetizer and had panna cotta instead for dessert. (Is Eric channeling an Italian muse?)

Panna cotta, literally cooked cream, is diffcult to make well. It has to be rich, but not too rich, and the right amount of gelatin to make it set but not have it taste like jello or commercial pudding. Eric hit all the notes correctly–flavor and texture were the best I have since Italy. His peach and mago aspiked sauce gave it a Souoth Carolina and torpical flair that put it over the top–

wonderful and worthy of my first Seal of Approval award. I don’t have a photo fo the panna cotta. I ate it all beforeImage thinking to photograph it!

So, you will have to be satisfied with the Seal

If you go to Myrtle Beach, save some time for a dinner at the Brentwood.


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