Thursday Book Reviews

Well, I just finished reading the blockbuster Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn and the new Tana French mystery, Broken Harbor. Both are extremely well written. But I did not like either book. And I can safely say, it’s me not them (the authors).

Simply put, Flynn’s book sets out the premise (in the opening quote) that love is mutable, and it usually goes from good to bad. My view is opposite. I feel that real love, not simply the feelings of the human heart which are deceitful, real love is NOT changeable. Real love comes from our  unchanging God and so, is something you can rely on. Her characters were not people I enjoyed spending time with. I don’t know what her personal philosophy is, but I did not enjoy these characters, well done tho they were, not simply because I disagreed, but because of how this world view caused them to behave–selfish, nasty, and more (worse).

And then I turned to French–one of the most talented crime writers, putting out books today. Her amazing description of how the detective prepares to meet the folks at the crime scene–how every detail sets the stage for success in the investigation–amazing. her other two books wer dark but bearable for me. But this one was sooooooooo dark. And at the end, the darkness did not triumph, but neither did it lift. Again, superb prose but depressing. Sigh.  On to the next book. A Simple Murder is my next read. Will let you know how that goes. It takes place in the time of the Shaker peak. Good so far (only a few pages into it.).




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