A week at the beach

What did you do this summer? For our family, we tried to take a week at the beach. We had little rituals–one night out for pizza, another for fried chicken, time to make sandcastles, time alone for Mom to hunt shells (no one else wanted to go) and time for dad to golf. Just walking along the ocean as a family was one of our favorite things to do. The ocean provides a great place to rest. We took photos and at the ocean we discovered sea turtle culture–nesting, watching the nests and we even got to see a hatching one year.

These experiences together , away from the press of the everyday–these strengthen a child’s bond to family and his or her creativity. Although I mandated drawings and writings (I brought craft things for rainy days) on at least one day of the vacation, simply putting a box of beach reminders away for winter is a great way to stimulate thought later.

And creativity. In mid-winter, away from the actual call of the wind and waves, I would bring out my box of “stuff”, and they could make Christmas ornaments, cards and jewelry for gifts for grandparents and friends. Or just art for our own refrigerator. A week at teh beach–a lifetime in the heart.


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