Chives-Blog for Wednesday August 1



The smallest species of edible onions, chives are a common herb that can be found in grocery stores in dried form and fresh and are easily grown in a pot in home garden or balcony. They are fun to grow because they repel insects and can be a help in controlling garden pests. It’s a perennial so you only have to buy it once and you have it always.

The long green “stems” add a delicate flavor to fish, potatoes and soups–or anything that might also call for leeks  or garlic and onion. I call it my whimsical herb.


Cooking with chives does not require a lot of separate recipes. Just add them to anything that you might want to spark up with a gentle touch of onion (slightly garlicky sometimes) flavor. Rinse the stems after clipping and cut into fine pieces. Sprinkle over the dish (like mashed potatoes or fish fillets, close to eh end of cooking or even right before serving. The flavor of the chive is delicate so it needs to be added at the end.


Some even advocate adding it to salads. I personally like it on plain baked fish with paprika. had a top twenty list of chive recipes.


My favorite way to use it is simply as a last minute addition. I taste the item and then ask myself, “Could this use a hint of a mild savory flavor?” If the answer is yes, be it salad, risotto, potatoes, fish, I run out back and snip some chives to add. It requires no advance planning, too much will not ruin what you are serving. Even if one guest does not like it they can scrape it off.  The flower adds beauty to my garden and it comes back every year. It is a solid partner in imaginative cooking, lovely , delightful, and ready to try something new at the last minute, according to my whim.  Enjoy.

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