Monday -School Supplies

There is secret creative power in school supplies. They are a blank slate waiting to receive the creative input of you and your child. If you were to ask me to name my favorite perfumes, I would name, natural lavender, rose, and Crayola Crayons (other brands do not smell quite the same). Of coures your child is not viewing them as creative forces right now. At present, they are simply “school stuff”. Nostalgia makes them desirable even in September. No, for true creative impact, you need to put some away for later.

It seems daunting to gather all of the supplies on a child’s list, I know. Each teacher seems to want so many items.

But if your family budget can take it, purchase a few extra things–crayons, paints, markers and nice plain paper and construction paper. Put these away for Christmas. Good quality supplies are at their cheapest in the next few weeks. When you pull out your extras at Christmas time you can divide them for each child and make this pack of creative wonder a present under the tree. Suddenly, these are no longer school supples. They are a creative force–they are the way your child will self amuse during the holidays, make cards for relatives, draw pictures to amuse, start books, cut up colored shapes to use as collage (be sure to purchase an extra bottle fo school glue/paste too).

What seemed like a burden place on them by the teacher, mere tools for the classroom in September are a creative release at Christmas. This was a tradition at our house. Some years, the children requested a specific type of art supply–pastels, gel pens, special papers, and one year, clay. Always did our best to purchase the best quality available of the requested supply and then had the joy of watching them experiment. Our daughter became quite an accomplished sculptor of miniatures and that spring her items went on display at the local library (which regularly showed work by local children)..

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